One should register domains with and without hyphen.


There are different habits due to cultural differences.

    In Europe, keyword domains with hyphens are preferred.
    In America, keyword domains without hyphens are preferred.
  • If you type „high-end“ into Google’s search queries, the traffic is over thirty times higher than with „high-end“.
  • With “race-car”, however, the traffic to “racecar” is almost the same.
  • This phenomenon can be seen in all search queries for keywords with or without a hyphen.
  • Searches without hyphens that have been asked a lot bring similar results to searches with hyphens.
  • Search queries with hyphens that were rarely requested result in significantly higher traffic than search queries without hyphens.
  • Keyword domains without hyphens are sometimes difficult to read, you can use upper case letters to make them recognizable.
  • To successfully increase the ranking in SEO, hyphenated domains are the better choice.
  • Hyphens are interpreted by the search engines as spaces, which makes queries easier for search engines to read.
  • What are the advantages of a keyword domain with a hyphen?
  • They are easier to read for machines
  • They represent the correct spelling
  • They stay in your head quickly and longer
  • It makes marketing easier
  • In Europe, keyword domains with hyphens are preferred
  • They usually have significantly higher traffic for search queries
  • Hyphens mostly improve ranking in SEO
  • What is the advantage of the domain without a hyphen?
  • The domains are shorter
  • Capital letters make the keywords recognizable in the domain
  • In America, domains without hyphens are preferred
  • Domains without hyphens are traded higher in America
  • In America, the spelling of domains without hyphens is normal
  • Depending on where the target group is, you should use domains with or without a hyphen.
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