The domain with the info text decides

whether a user opens the page or not

  • Keywords with the ending must result in a short and concise top term
  • The concise top term must express what can be found on the website.
  • The info text under the domain must confirm the meaning of the top term,
  • so that the user recognizes that this is the website he is looking for.
  • The concise top term must express what is found on the homepage.
  • In addition to brands, users only search for terms on the Internet
  • Ideally, the company itself is the concise top term.
  • However, these domains are reserved for companies
  • due to the trademark law, you may not be occupied by other people
  • What can you do if your own brand is not yet well known
  • Concise top terms (keyword with ending) then offer the best chance
  • to bi found the websit andclicked on.

    High-End Domains

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