A Mega Shop Portal is a professional web shop for retailers


that is tailored to a specific target group or niche.

A mega-shop portal is suitable for traders who want to generate sales quickly, but for whom the time required for creation, adjustments, SEO, marketing, updates, backup and the considerable costs for a professional web shop are too complex and expensive.
  • He sells the products entered by the dealer and redistributes the incoming orders to them.
  • The Mega Shop Portal has fixed categories, the menu control is tailored to specific target groups or niches.
  • it leads quickly
  • The products can be added by the retailer via an app, via the WAWI or via the Mega Shop Portal,
  • after being added, the articles are offered immediately.
  • With a fixed, calculable share of sales, the dealer can offer his products in a professional web shop.
  • A mega shop portal also have one Multi-Shop in the portfolio.
  • Here, the dealer can quickly generate sales both in the mega-shop portal and with his own multi-shop.
  • With the effort and costs that a mega-shop portal causes,
  • only one makeshigh-end domainwith a concise term for the special target group or niche sense.
  • A standard web shop cannot afford the effort, menu control and display in this depth.
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