A multishop is a ready-made, professional webshop


that is tailored to a specific target group or niche.

  • A multi-shop is suitable for traders who want to generate sales quickly.
  • But for them the time required for creation, adaptation, updates, backup
  • and the considerable cost for a professional web shop is too complex and expensive.
  • The retailer receives a copy of the prefabricated multi-shop as his own webshop at a fixed, calculable monthly cost.
  • The multi-shop has fixed categories, the menu control is tailored to specific target groups or niches.
  • It leads quickly and easily to the desired products.
  • In the web shop, the products can easily be added using an app, the WAWI or the web shop.
  • The web shop has a menu control that quickly and easily leads to the desired product.
  • Some multi-shops link to one Mega-Shops to disposal.
  • Here you can both from your own web shop and from Mega-Shop generate sales.
  • The web shop can be operated independently, but also in a web side or one Multistore to get integrated.
  • Standard webshops cannot display this form of menu control and the special template in this depth.
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