With the new domain endings, the cards for keyword domains are shuffled.

Endings are very important for high-end domains.

The endings tell you where and what can be found on the website.
  • Where
  • Endings of a city, region, country or global.
  • The endings indicate in which city, region, country or global the provider can be found.
  • london, bayern, uk, eu, usw.
  • What
  • The endings indicate which service is offered.
  • Expert, Broker, Consulting, Tours, Services, Events usw.
  • Terms of these endings often only make sense in English.
  • Where and what
  • These endings can be used regional, national or global.
  • com, net, info, studio, store, shop, center, online usw.
  • these endings are very popular, here you can find most high-end domains.
  • However, some of these endings can only be used to a very limited extent for high-end domains..
  • Cam, Web, Consulting
  • Not every extension conveys the authority, trust and seriousness of a high-end domain.
  • All of this limits the availability of high-end domains.
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