The website for geologist experts

Geologists belong to the geosciences

they have a wide range of applications

He starts with general geology, then decides on a specialized area.

  • Geologists are scientists who study the structure, relationships of geological processes.
  • Geologies deal with all forces that act on the earth’s body and the resulting geological effects and changes.
  • A geologist is responsible for finding and verifying raw materials and for the prerequisites for economic mining.
  • In doing so, he pays attention to avoiding environmental damage during the extraction of raw materials.
  • Geologists are responsible for tapping and securing drinking water or securing energy supplies with oil, natural gas and coal.
  • The geologists are responsible for exploring the subsoil, especially in the case of larger projects, so that settlements, landslides and ground breaks are avoided in the long term.
  • Geologists research earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches and tsunamis and develop early warning systems to prevent natural disasters.
  • Without geologists, economic development, the avoidance of environmental damage, and the recognition and warning of natural disasters are not possible.
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